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A1. Fried Tofu5.99
Deep fried tofu served with house special sweet and sour sauce.
A2. Spring Rolls (4 rolls)6.99
Crispy spring rolls stuffed with vegetables or pork and glass noodles, served with homemades sweet and sour sauce.
A3. Chicken sate (4 pieces)7.99
Marinated and char-broiled and served on sticks with peanut sauce & cucumber salad.
A4. Fried Calamari7.99
Deep fried calamari in lightly batter, served with sweet and sour sauce.
A5. Fried Fish Cakes (6 Pieces)7.99
Deep fried fish-cake is mixed with curry paste, served with cucumber salad and house special sauce.
A6. Angle Wings (2 wings)7.99
De-boned chicken wings, stuffed with ground chicken, bean thread deep fried with special sauce.
A7. Fresh Spring Roll(3 rolls) 
Steamed rolls stuffed with vegetables or shrimp, served with spicy peanut sauce.